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A Rare Norwegian Folk Art Kubbestol Circa 1800s

A Rare Norwegian Folk Art Kubbestol Circa 1800s

An exceptional and rare Norwegian Kubbestol, a piece of folk art history.  A dug out chair, traditionally from Scandinavia.

They were once quite common in some districts of Norway from about 1750.  The chairs were carved from a trunk of the tree, the upper part is dug out and hollowed to form the back rest.  The bottom half is hollowed out to make the chair 'lighter' and to reduce cracking.

This chair has beautiful folk art patterns hand carved in to it...visible, raw craftsmanship.  The Kubbestol was often placed next to the fireplace, reserved for the head of the household.

Note the small children's milk teeth, hammered in to the rim of the seat, apparently this tradition would ensure that the children of the house had healthy teeth.

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